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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you're opening your home for the family get together, that usually means you'll be decorating. If you've racked your mind for ideas and none sound just right, here are a few decorating ideas that might help you along your way.
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Fed Meeting Minutes Show Hope In Economic Growth

The minutes of the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee meeting held October 29 and 30 were released Wednesday. The meeting began with a report from the Manager of the System Open Market Account and included updates on developments within domestic and foreign financial markets.
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4 Tips To Save For That Down Payment

In order to save up a huge amount of cash for the down payment on your first mortgage, you need a solid savings plan! When you take out a mortgage on your new home as a first time homebuyer, the more you can pay as a down payment the better.
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Market Summary: 04/10/2013

Mortgage Rates were flat all last week, before getting destroyed on Friday. We clocked a sufficient rise to bump most borrowers up an eighth in rate, or significantly increase closing costs. The most prevalent rate quote for the best-qualified borrowers…

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Right Time to Buy?

Is it the right time to Purchase a home? According to the Home Opportunity Index(HOI) it may be the perfect time to buy a home for a few very important reasons. First off, in short the HOI is a quarterly…

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